Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Despite the April 30, 2013 deadline for their submission by cooperatives, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), apparently, will allow the deferred submission of Performance and Social Audit Reports up to July 31, 2013, with monetary penalties waived or condoned.

This is what Cooperatives Philippines gathered from the May 14, 2013 Facebook  posts by Philippine Cooperators' Page, supposedly the official page of the Cooperative Development Authority.

It all started with a post from "Cda Bicol", an "unofficial" Facebook page of CDA in Region V.  I said "unofficial" because the "official" Facebook fan page of CDA is "CDA Region 5."

In the morning of May 14, 2013, "CDA Bicol" posted the following:

"in the interest of the cooperative sector, submission of Social Audit Report and Performance Audit Repor until July 31, 2013 shall not be considered late and no penalty shall be imposed.  

Consequently, submission after July 31, 2013 shall be considered late and penalties shall be imposed."

Suspecting that this might  not be an "official" CDA announcement, Cooperatives Philippines posted the following query/request at Philippine Cooperators' Page:

"Pls. check "Cda Bicol"'s Facebook page.  It posted that the submission of Social Audit Report and Performance Audit Report had been DEFERRED without penalties until July 31, 2013.  Is this true?

Philippine Cooperators' Page's response/post was this:

"YES.  Performance and Social Audit Reports submitted to the CDA between May 1, 2013 until July 31, 2013 shall not be considered as late and shall not be imposed any fine/penalty.  After July 31, 2013, the late submission of such reports shall be imposed the "responding" (corresponding?) penalty.."

Cooperatives Philippines's response to this post was:

"By whose authority is this?  by CDA Exec. Dir., by Chairman Santiaguel?  Doesn't this deserve some kind of formal advice, as in a Memorandum Circular, or something less formal than a Facebook post?.."

There was no answer, so far as of the this blogpost.  Anyway, CDA's Website Management Group (pls. see www.cda.gov.ph) is headed by Orlando R. Ravanera, CDA's Acting Executive Director; assisted by Giovanni Platero, CDA Deputy Exec. Director and a number of CDA officers.

So, as they say, take the above information "under advisement".  Cooperatives Philippines still believes that since the above has an affect of amending issued Circulars and other regulations, the deferment should be issued formally in the form of a Circular.

But we heard that CDA had a hard time convening a quorum of its Board of Administrators early this year.  But let us warn you that acting on this "unofficial" advice should be a cooperative's own look out.  Don't say we did not warn you.  

So, there.  (END).            

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