Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Consumer cooperatives, which operate grocery stores for their members, should check out business opportunities being provided by Suy Sing, the leading grocery distribution company in the Philippines.

Offering high-tech, responsive customer needs management systems, Suy Sing, in the business for over 67 years, helps independent grocers reach success by giving them access to the right assortment of goods.

From dreams of small corner stores, to modest groceries, to ever-growing mini-marts, Suy Sing continuously works hard to better its service and accommodate more and more grocers with its grocer-friendly wholesale expertise

These are what key stakeholders have to say about Suy Sing:

Chris Po, President of Pacific Group of Companies:  

 "They are very professional, very efficient.  They've adopted multinational systems, and through their efficiency, they are able to translate that and pass that on to their customers."

Jasper Chiu, Vice President for Sales & Marketing of Peerless Product Manufacturing:  

"Suy Sing came about by creating a new and innovative model that I think no one else has been able to do." 

John Martin Miller, Chairman & CEO of Nestle Philippines:

"The great thing about Suy Sing is that they continue to innovate.  Their telephone ordering system is something which is truly unique, and I think in any market there is a role for every kind of multiple as long as all of the players are constantly innovating and making themselves relevant, that's something true of Suy Sing."

Suy Sing offers the most extensive range of saleable wholesale products at everyday low prices.  For more information on its services and other details, contact Suy Sing Customer Hotline (632) 706-8888 or its Provincial Toll-Free Number 1-800-10-7068888, or visit www.suysing.com


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