Thursday, August 1, 2013


The first weeks of this month, August 2013 have been set for COOPERATIVES, among other Civil Society Organizations, to file their application/renewal of accreditation with  the office of the Sanggunian, of your local government unit  (LGU).

This is  if your COOPERATIVE  wishes to be represented in the local special bodies of your LGU and participate in its local government programs.

MC NO. 2013-70

The rules, deadlines and requirements for accreditation are contained in the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Memorandum Circular No. 2013-70. This Circular was uploaded last July 24, 2013 in DILG's website ( under the heading "Memo Circulars" on the website's homepage.

The "local special bodies" refer to the Local Development Council; Local Health Board; Local School Board; and Local Peace and Order Council.


According to the Circular, the Provincial Governor, City Mayor and Municipal Mayor shall cause the inventory of all Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) within the LGU  up to the end of July 2013.

So, COOPERATIVES PHILIPPINES advises that if your cooperative (including other business/trade organizations) wishes to participate, make sure your organization is included in the Directory of Civil Society Organizations of your LGU.

The inventory for this directory shall be done by the LGU's Planning and Development Office, or of the duly-designated official.


Furthermore, the Circular says that within the 1st week of August 2013, the concerned LGU's Sanggunian shall issue a Notice of Accreditation to every organization listed in the Directory of Civil Society Organizations.

And if your COOPERATIVE or organization was previously accredited, it will have to file for renewal of accreditation.


Within the 1st week of August, copies of the Notice of Call for Accreditation are supposed to be posted in at least 3 prominent places in the office of the LGUs.  The same may also be posted in the LGU's website.

Application forms for accreditation will be available in the office of the Secretary to the Sanggunian.


Within the 2nd week of August, but not later than the last working day of the 3rd week, every organization seeking for a new accreditation, or renewal shall submit a copy each  of the following requirements to the Sanggunian:

     - Letter of application (template is part of Circular);
     - Duly-accomplished Application Form for Accreditation;
     - Board Resolution signifying intention for accreditation for the purpose of representation in the local special body;
     - Certificate of Registration (with CDA), or in the case of Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Certificate of Registration must be issued by the NCIP;
     -  List of current officers and members;
     -  Annual Accomplishment Report for the Immediately Preceding Year; and
     -  Financial Statement, at the minimum, signed by the executive officer of the organization, also of the immediately preceding year; and indicating therein other information such as the source(s) of funds. (END).   

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