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The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) has revoked the Certificates of Registration of some 19,791 cooperatives nationwide, in a recent order published November 21, 2013 in a national newspaper.

Among the reasons cited for the cancellation of the cooperatives' authority to operate are: the cooperatives' failure to comply with CDA's required mandatory reports and statutory compliance requirements; or the failure to register with CDA, as provided for in Art. 144 of RA 9520.

In what is apparently a partial list, CDA published the names of the cooperatives whose Certificates of Registration were cancelled.  

The list, in the order of the most number of cooperatives ordered to stop operation are:  Region IV, with 6,734 cooperatives, comprising 34.02% of those published; Region III, with 4,218, 21.3%; Region I, with 3,784, 19.1%; Region V, with 2,364, 11.94%; National Capital Region (NCR), with 1,547, 7.8%; Region II, 1,003, 5.06%; and by Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), with 141 cooperatives, 0.71%.

CDA said that the notices/orders it sent to some cooperatives included in the list were returned by the Philippines Postal Corporation to CDA for the reason, either not found in the address as stated, unknown address, and the like.

On the other hand, some cooperatives listed either failed to appear before CDA despite receipt of notices/orders, or failed to secure new Certificates of Registration pursuant to Art 144 of RA No. 9520, CDA informed.

Moreover, the officers of some cooperative failed to appear and provide justifiable cause for their continued operation, hence, their certificates of registration were ordered cancelled after going through the required process, CDA added.

The list of cancelled cooperatives was published in The Daily Tribune. (END).


Alaminos Law Blog said...

Where can we see the list of Cooperatives which Authority to Operate were cancelled?

-- said...

Lists of cancelled cooperatives were published in Nov. 21 & 22, 2013 issues of the Daily Tribune. And of course, from the Cooperative Development Authority.

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