Sunday, November 17, 2013


After almost 6 months from its latest issuance (MC 2013-18), the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)  had just uploaded over the weekend (Nov. 17, 2013) in its website 3 sets of rules governing conflict resolution in cooperatives.

All dated Sept. 13, 2013, series of 2013, the following CDA Memorandum Circulars were issued:

MC No. 2013-19 ("The Revised Rules of Procedure in the Cooperative Development Authority"). 

The rules apply when filing a complaint with CDA against your cooperative, or when your cooperative responds to a complaint filed with the CDA.

MC 2013-20 ("Revised Guidelines Governing the Conduct of Conciliation-Mediation Procedures before the CDA").

It applies to disputes, among members, officers, directors, and committee members, and intra-cooperative, inter-cooperative, intra-federation, or inter-federation disputes.

MC No. 2013-21 ("Revised Guidelines Governing the Conduct of Conciliation-Mediation Proceedings at the Primary and Union/Federation Level").

All members of the cooperative's Conciliation and Mediation Committee (including management, and the Board of Directors) must learn about these new issuances.  

Also, it is incumbent upon the CDA to clarify with cooperative leaders the implementation, including the nuances of these new Circulars. (END).

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