Monday, December 23, 2013


The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) of Korea had donated some USD100,000 to National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO) and to Victo National for Yolanda-stricken cooperatives.

This is according to Sylvia Okinlay-Paraguya, NATCCO Chief Executive Officer.  

The donation was handed recently by Mr. Won-Byung Choi, chairperson of NACF of Korea, who was joined by Cr. Chou Ho Choi, director of International Cooperative Alliance, in a visit to NATCCO.

The donation was received by Sylvia Okinlay-Paraguya, and Jose Romero Ebron, NATCCO chairman; joined by CDA administrator Mercedes Castillo and also of Victo National, and Elsie Abay Remonte.

Both NATCCO and Victo National are members of the International Cooperative Alliance, which earlier called on its members to donate to Yolanda victims. 

"NATCCO and Victo will put up the Disaster Recovery Fund, a combination of pure assistance, and recoverable grant to ensure that we are able to recover portion of that fund for future use," said Sylvia Okinlay-Paraguya.

"This is very critical, as it is projected that typhoons will be more frequent and stronger," she added.

In a separate occasion, Paraguya briefed the Board on a proposal at the Philippine Cooperative Center to nationalize 1/3 of the Community Development Fund of cooperatives for disaster readiness, according to a report.

NATCCO Network is composed of 628 cooperatives with 1,217 branches nationwide.  Luzon members comprise 52% of NATCCO membership; 29% in Visayas; and 19% in Mindanao.  (END).

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