Sunday, January 12, 2014


In support of the agricultural sector, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) is undertaking a number of projects in 2014 to benefit cooperative members composed of agrarian reform beneficiaries, farmers and fisherfolk.

In a report, CDA said that for these projects, it will go into strategic alliances and partnerships with Philippine national government agencies or with international organizations for cooperative development.

Under an existing tie-up with the Department of Agrarian Reform, CDA aims to complete by September 2014 a project involving capacity building for some 1,614 agrarian reform cooperatives.

As a result of this, CDA hopes that 80% of these cooperatives will later be issued Certificates of Good Standing from CDA.  In addition, 248 new agrarian reform beneficiary cooperatives are expected to be registered with the CDA; and 745 cooperatives will be provided with audit subsidy.

CDA also identified the following partnerships for this year:  1).  CDA and the Department of Agriculture for the organization and strengthening of  farmers' and fisher folk cooperatives; and 2).  CDA and the Philippine Coconut Authority - for a cooperative development program  for coconut farmers; the CDA report added.  (END).

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