Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CO-OPS PAY CDA P15-M IN 1ST SEM 2013; P35.7-M IN 2012


Philippine cooperatives have paid P15 million in various fees to the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) during the first six (6) months of 2013, comprising the agency's income for the period.


According to CDA's initial reports, the amendment fees (fees paid by co-ops for amending their Articles of Cooperation and By-laws) during the period comprised the lion's share, with P9,377,155.79, equivalent to 61.3% of the total.

The same trend was observed for amendment fees during the first six (6) months of 2012, with P6,912,664.38, equivalent to a higher 63% of the total of P10,964,661.23 in fees collected during said period.

For the whole of 2012, income from amendment fees posted a high P22,194,252.32, equivalent to 62% of the year's total of P35,770,881.


In addition to miscellaneous fees, the other fees paid by co-ops during the first semester of 2013 include registration fees, P1,108,291.40 (7.2%); certification fees, P955,279.20 (6.2%); and miscellaneous fees of P3,834,693.49 (25%).

During the first semester of 2012, the total fees collected by CDA amounted to P10,964,661.23.  This includes amendment fees of P6,912,664.38 (63%); miscellaneous fees, P1,984,336,06 (18%); registration fees of P1,155,593.80 (10.5%); and certification fees of P912,067 (8.3%).

2012 FEES

On the other hand, total fees collected in 2012 amounted to P35,770,881.30, comprised of amendment fees, P22,194,252 (62%); miscellaneous fees, P6,877,441.33 (19.2%); registration fees, P4,984,572.52 (13.9%); and certification fees, P1,714,615.40 (4.7%).

CDA'S 2014

It was also reported that CDA has an approved budget of P332.427 million for 2013.  Of this, P231.442 million (69.6%) is for personnel services; P82.212-million (24.7%) is for maintenance and operating expenses; and P18.773-million (5.6%) is for capital outlay. (END).


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