Monday, January 6, 2014


With the new year just starting, it is an appropriate question to ask:  What can cooperatives in the Philippines expect from its regulatory agency -Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) - this year (2014)?

- 'Faster and more services'.

- ' Rendering 25,584 in "technical advisory services'.

- ' 1,186 new cooperatives registered'.

- '5.4-million new co-op members'.

- '80% of all cooperatives to be inspected'.

These are among the highlights of the targets CDA committed to achieve in 2014 to help boost the development of cooperatives in the country.

In its published 2014 Work and Financial Plan, CDA also pledged to deliver these package of "technical advisory services" within three (3) days from request by cooperatives  and other stakeholders.

The target of delivering 25,584 such services, includes rendering "trainings, mentoring, cliniquing, consultancy and legal opinions", according to the CDA.

CDA exceeded by 214 the new cooperative it targeted to register in 2012; and by 725 co-ops, in 2011.

On the other hand, the CDA target to have 5.5 million in new co-op members for 2014, represents the total backlog  from 2011 to 2013, CDA reported.

In 2011, the CDA performance deficit in new cooperative members was 1,366,625; and 224,320 in 2012.

While CDA is mandated to monitor/inspect 100% of all cooperatives, it is targeting to inspect in 2014 only 80% of all cooperatives, "because of manpower shortage" it is experiencing, according to the report.

On enforcement of coop regulations, CDA adopted a 60% compliance to CDA sanctions against erring/non-compliant  cooperatives, as target for 2014.

Part of its program for effective research, information and training services, CDA will continue to implement its Gawad Parangal Awards program.  (END).


Virgilio Hernandez said...

--In line with its long pronouncement of CDA in the strengthening the Union system, isn't time to collaborate with the existing Union's with proven record of integrity, as partners for the inspection of primary cooperatives in their respective areas of operation, if "lack of personnel" is the given problem for its failure to go 100%?

--F1llm0re said...

CDA has, in fact, issued a Memo Cir. delegating federations and unions to inspect primary co-ops. To date, sadly, not one federation or union had filed or was accredited for this purpose. This fact was also reported by CDA Chair Santiaguel in his 2014 New Year's message at the Chairman's Corner of the CDA website: Thanks for your comments. Well taken.

Bobby Dongallo said...

"Enforcement of Coop Regulations" I'm not sure if a Cooperative has been losing for 3 years in a row and for sure it have violated some regulations, if the CDA has the authority to ask what is happening? Our Cooperative in Catmon Cebu is in a very tight financial situation. We have already ask the help of CDA Cebu. Please, if anyone can tell us what to do?

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