Thursday, January 16, 2014


If the plans of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) push through, there will be a revised training curriculum for cooperatives' officers and even the cooperatives' Pre-membership Education Module will be revisited in 2014.

This is part of the continuing improvement of CDA's programs, according to the agency's published report.

Schools, including state universities and colleges (SUCs) will be encouraged to be among the training service providers, to be encouraged and accredited by CDA.  This is not only to expand the rank of training institutions, but also to "capacitate" the current pool of accredited training providers.

At present the field includes cooperative federations, unions, cooperative development councils, and government institutions with cooperative-related operations.

In 2014, the process flow and the service delivery commitment of CDA in processing the accreditation program for Co-op Training Providers and applicable fees, shall be included in the CDA's Citizen Charter.

The same will also  be applicable to the accreditation program for External Auditors; Mediators and Conciliators; Arbiters; and Social Auditors, the CDA report said.

The guidelines on the Social Audit of Cooperatives; Accreditation and the Financial Reporting of Cooperatives will also be reviewed; including such standards as the Chart of Accounts, CDA cited.

To achieve this, CDA pointed out that partnerships with concerned institutions will be formed in the review of existing guidelines and standards or in crafting new ones. (END).

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