Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Now pending second reading, Senate Bill 2134 (An Act Reorganizing the Cooperative Development Authority...) is a consolidation of/substitute bill to SBs 89, 263, and 464.

Some provisions of the Senate Bill merited a strong position/reaction paper from the CDA (pls. visit www.cda.gov.ph).

I was curious perusing SB 2134, and here are some provisions which I think are new and deserves consideration.  I don't know about you, but I believe many cooperatives will like some provisions of this bill, to wit:

xxx Section 5.  Board of Directors.  

 "...Except for the Chairperson, the members of the Board of Directors shall serve on a part-time basis only and shall be entitled to honoraria and actual travel expenses.."

xxx Section 12.  Registration for Tax Exemption. 

"...The certificate of registration issued to a duly-registered cooperative, as validated in the certified list submitted by the Authority (CDA), shall ipso factor constitute as the sole legal basis, or requirement for the full enjoyment of the tax exemption and other incentives granted under the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008, notwithstanding any provision of law, executive order, rule or regulations to the contrary..."

(Note:  Needless to say, this will solve the cooperatives' concerns on getting their Certificate of Tax Exemption from BIR).

xxx Section 14.  Settlement of Disputes.   

"....Disputes between and among members, officers and directors of cooperatives, and between and among cooperatives, shall be settled in accordance with Art. 137 of R.A. 9520, and R.A. 9285, the Alternative Dispute Resolution of 2004..."

xxx Section 15.  Cooperative Training Standards.   

"..the training requirements shall be optional for members..."

"...recognition and accreditation of units or equivalent training that an officer has undertaken through formal and informal education..."

What do you think about the above?

(Note:  emphasis/underlining provided). (END).  


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