Sunday, November 9, 2014


The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) , along with various cooperative groups and stakeholders, is spearheading the preparations for the celebration of the 2015 Cooperative Centennial Year in the Philippines.

This was announced by Ms. Mercedes Castillo, member of the CDA Board of Administrators, in an interview last Nov. 9, 2014 over "Ugnayang Kooperatiba ng Bayan sa Radyo ng Bayan" program, aired over Radyo ng Bayan, DZRB 738 AM.

The radio program, aired every Sunday, 1-3 p.m., and dedicated to cooperatives, is hosted by the Filipino Inventors Society Producers Cooperative (FISPC). Program anchors are Popoy Pagayon, chairman; Rolly "Lakay" Gonzalo, vice-chairman; and Andy Reyes, general manager; all of FISPC.

Among the plans include declaring 2015 as the Philipine Cooperatives Centennial Year; securing the Presidential Proclamation of February 11, 2015 (first law on cooperatives was enacted on Feb. 11, 1914), as a national holiday; launching nationwide activities participated in by cooperatives, to culminate in October 2015 the traditional Cooperative Month.

Administrator Mercedes Castillo also informed that during the initial series of meetings already held, preliminary discussions and agreements have been reached, which include:

*  All cooperatives' activities to be undertaken in 2015 will be part of the Centennial celebration;

*  Themes of cooperative sector activities will be anchored on the centennial celebration;

*  To highlight in the next 100 years the contributions of cooperatives in the country's development (GDP, capital, industry, employment; culture, preservation of the environment);

*   Centennial celebration to serve as the unifying factor among cooperatives;

*  Come up with a series of activities, including theme, logo identification, launching of Centennial Year; awarding, parades, etc.;

*  A contest will be held to come up with the theme; winners will be cite during the celebration;

*  Stamp/currency/car plates/explore possible use/release.

*  Come up with a historical market to be unveiled during the launching of the Centennial Year;

*  Create a Co-op Centennial Committee, which shall oversee the program of activities and the fund;

*  CDA will be the nerve center (convergence, collate, etc.);

*  For fund generation, top 500 cooperatives will be tapped for voluntary donations;

*  All cooperatives will have a stake in the celebration;

*  To create a Steering Committee/Technical Working Groups;

*  To invite other secrtors - electric (NEA); transport (OTC); sugar (SRA), etc.;


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