Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cooperatives Philippines: new logo, domain

December 10, 2014

     Cooperatives Philippines, the blog dedicated to news and view about developments in the cooperative sector of the country, has acquired a new domain.  From www.cooperatives-society.blogspot.com its new domain name is www.cooperativesphilippines.com Along with this change, it has also updated/adopted a new logo, as appearing above.

     This is ahead of the Dec. 12, 2014 deadline of the Cooperative Development Authority's logo contest, in connection of the celebration of 2015 Philippine Cooperative Centennial.



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manny salazar said...


Our foundation is not yet registered. We are still on the process of setting up our operational funds. For the mean time we will start installing free payroll and hr system to all interested cooperatives, rural banks and small companies.

Why do we install free softwares?

1. We help IT graduate and undergraduate students to experience actual work. We will only request certification from you indicating that they installed and trained your staff on how to use the Payroll and HR system.

2. Our Payroll and HR system is still being used by DTI 4A and Board of Investments. Providing it free for the use Philippine companies is our own simple way of helping our country.

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