Thursday, January 7, 2016


    What is happening, what have we done for agricultural cooperatives in the country?

    This might be a question the Philippine cooperative leaders, particularly from the government sector, have to address when the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) hosts on January 19-23, 2016 the Regional Network for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives in Asia and Pacific (NEDAC). Venue is Cagayan de Oro City, according to the New Year's message of CDA Chairman Orlando R. Ravanera.

    NEDAC has members from countries of Asia and Pacific, which include government departments with direct responsibility to agricultural development, as well as national-level, or Apex level cooperative organizations concerned with agricultural cooperatives.

    Among other things, NEDAC aims to sensitize governments on the need to promote the potential of the role of agricultural cooperatives particularly in the development of the agricultural sector.

    It also serves to provide a forum for exchange of information and experience and promote cooperation among member countries through joint efforts and exchange of knowledge and experience.

    For the Philippines, this is a good occasion to promote the role of agricultural cooperatives, considering that most of the workers belonging to the marginalized sectors are farmers and fisherfolks.

    It is also important to note that it is not only CDA who is involved in agricultural cooperatives.  There are other government departments with larger developmental functions for farmers, and with more funds too.

    So, congratulations to CDA for this meeting.  Let's all welcome the NEDAC representatives and may they bring home with them good practices of agricultural cooperatives from the Philippines.  (END).

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