Wednesday, June 22, 2016


"..As an advocate of the business model called cooperatives, I am delighted to know that incoming President Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte will engage farmers belonging to the Claveria Agricultural Producers Cooperative in Claveria, Misamis Oriental when he takes his oath as the 16th President of Philippines come June 30, 2016.

The farmers of the Claveria co-op grow silkworms and process the silk into yarn known as Mindanao silk.  This exquisite material will be sewn for Digong's inaugural Barong Tagalog which local tailors and fashion house are excitedly preparing for the first Mindanaoan president.

Digong will have the luxury of choosing from 12 gorgeous styles and if we know the simple man, I think he will pick from the rack of a local culture house, not from some Italian or French  fashion house.

On the subject of co-ops, I wonder if the sector has gotten together to prepare a road map under the new administration.  When I posted updates about former Cong. Pablo Garcia's take on the victory of Duterte and how it will impact on the cooperative sector, somebody tried to prompt sectoral leaders to meet and draw a unified plan.

This is easier said than done because the movement is very fragmented.

There are around 23,000 co-op organizations all over the country belonging to 250 different federations.  The Philippine Cooperative Center is supposed to be the apex body but I heard only affluent co-ops are under this umbrella.

I think the co-op movement should rally behind the new leadership because his amor for the downtrodden is very apparent unlike under the previous regime which even tried to kill the sector by lifting the tax exemption privilege.

Digong's pronouncements of reforming the mining sector by tapping co-ops in areas where mining companies have flouted industry standards speak volumes.

High time for the sector to hoist its sail now that the wind is fair.."

(Excerpts from the column of Malou Guanzon Apalisok: "Skepticism on Jaguar's death," Cebu Daily News, June 20, 2016. ).

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