Wednesday, June 1, 2016


        Pledging a vibrant participation in the legislative process in the incoming 17th Congress, Co-op Natcco Partylist recently bared its legislative agenda, even as it thanked all those who voted for its two representatives during the recent elections.


    "We will continue fighting for our advocacies on cooperative development, agricultural development, health, education, people empowerment, environment, and good governance," re-elected Rep. Anthony M. Bravo, Ph.D, and incoming Rep. Sabiniano Canama, announced in a recent party statement.


    The agenda includes:

    1)  Transfer of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) to the Office of the President (from the Dept. of Finance);

    2)  Creation of a Presidential Adviser for Cooperative Affairs;

    3)  Protection of cooperative tax exemption;

    4)  Strengthening of the CDA;

    5)  Budget increase for CDA;

    6)  Mandatory appointment of cooperative officers in every local government unit;

    7)  Strengthening of co-op sub-sectors (farmers' coops; coop banks; housing coops. water service coops, transport coops; workers coops, etc.);

    8)  Easier transaction with the Bureau of Internal Revenue;

    9)  Facilitate access to credit of farmers, fisherfolks, and small coops;

   10)  Abolition of irrigation service fees;

   11)  Revision of Organic Agriculture Act;

   12)  Freedom of information;

   13)  Federal form of government;

   14)  People's participation in budget deliberations;

   15)  Anti-dynasty Bill;

   16)  Improved access to government programs and services;


    "We have crossed the bridge of partisanship and we are looking forward to a truthful and meaningful co-existence with our fellow Partylist representatives to devote our time and energy to better our sectors whom we are entrusted to serve.

   Coop Natcco garnered a total of 671,699 votes, or 2.07% of total votes cast for all partylists, which is 32,377,841.  The votes fell short of the target to get three seats, but sufficient for two seats.


    It expressed appreciation to all coop federations, unions and partner organizations across the country; to all cooperative members and supporters from the sectors of farmers, fisherfolk, entrepreneur, professionals, workers, urban poor, women, youth, persons with disabilities, senior citizens.

    Coop Natcco Partylist is led by Edgar G. Amoronio, and Felimon M. Espares, Party President, and Party Chairperson, respectively.  (END)




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