Saturday, October 15, 2016




Meeting with BIR Officials Deputy Commissioner Nestor S. Valeroso and Assistant Commissioner Marisa Cabreros. Cong. Canama and leaders of MASS-SPECC gave an overview of issues and concerns confronting the sector on coop taxation. 

The BIR will issue RMC before October 24, 2016 containing a directive that they will no longer require coops to submit list of members with TIN. In lieu, the submission of names of members will 

 The interoperable IT Solutions is likewise proposed so that we can explore the possibility of doing away with the submission of hard copies of documents. According to Atty. Cabreros, the BIR has streamlined the business registration from 8 steps and 3 days into 3 steps to 1 day process. We must sit together in our continuing effort to rid the sector of the "fake" or "fly-by-night" whose intention is only to avail fiscal incentives thereby avoiding payment of taxes. The BIR would be happy if the CDA will be accorded in the future the deputation to issue Tax Identification Number for Cooperative Members.


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