Monday, October 24, 2016


CDA Chairman Orlando Ravanera briefed the Committee on the CDA’s 
functions, goals and objectives, and legislative priorities for 2017, as well 
as its road map under the present administration.
Pursuant to RA 6939, the CDA was created
to promote the viability and  growth of cooperatives as instruments of equity, 
 social justice and  economic development.
Ravanera reported that the total registered cooperatives as of December 
31, 2015 reached 25,610 with 13.7 million members. 
Among the legislative agenda of the CDA for the 17th Congress are the:
Amendment of Article 137 of RA 9520 or the Philippine 
Cooperative Code of 2008 to grant CDA quasi-judicial power to 
resolve intra-cooperative conflicts involving election of officers, 
simplify requirements, provide automatic tax exemption to cooperatives,
 among others; and
Amendment of RA 6939 or the CDA Charter to allow the Board 
of Administrators the power to condone penalties.
Ravanera likewise discussed the CDA Roadmap 2015-2022 which 
involves a “paradigm shift towards transformative cooperative for people, 
planet, prosperity, and peace.” 
The roadmap, according to Ravanera, highlights the importance of 
“cooperativism” in empowering the poor and the vulnerable sectors in 
order to alleviate poverty and social inequity. 
 (Excerpts from Minutes of the Congressional Daily Bulletin- Hearing on CDA Budget 
Proposals, presentation of 2017 programs, House of Representatives). (END).

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