Monday, October 24, 2016


The Committee on Cooperatives Development, chaired by Rep. Rico Geron 
(Party List AGAP) conducted a roundtable discussion on the status of 
implementation of RA 9510 with representatives from concerned government 
agencies and various cooperatives.
The roundtable discussion aims to better understand the reasons behind

the strong opposition of several cooperatives against the continued
implementation of RA 9510.
Among those who participated in the roundtable discussion were 
reprepresentatives from the government agencies such as the Cooperative 
Development Authority (CDA), Philippine Competition Commission (PCC),
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Credit Information 
Corporation (CIC); and from various cooperatives which include Baguio

Benguet Community Credit Cooperative (BBCCC), Tabuk City Cooperative
Development Council (CCDC), Federation of Peoples’ Sustainable 
Development Cooperative (FPSDC), and Sta. Cruz Savings and 
Development Cooperative (SCSDC) RA 9510 aims to establish
 a comprehensive and centralized crediit information system for the collection and
dissemination of fair and accurate information in relation to credit and credit
-related activities of all entities participating in the financial system. 
The law covers all entities that provide credit facilities, including cooperatives.

Representatives from the various cooperatives present argued that 
cooperatives should be excluded from the scope of RA 9510 and that a

separate CIC functioning under the CDA should handle the unique

concerns of the cooperatives. They likewise cited the following reasons for 
their strong opposition to the continued implementation of RA 9510:
The law is unconstitutional and violative of RA 10173 or the Data 
Privacy Act of 2012 and RA 9520 or the Philippine Cooperative
Code of 2008;

There was no proper consultation made with concerned 
stakeholders prior to the promulgation of the law’s implementing 
rules and regulations (IRR);
Cooperatives find the law’s requirements too complicated to

comply; and 
The law’s penalty provision is not acceptable to cooperatives.
CIC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jaime Garchitorena said that he is not 
in a position to interpret the constitutionality and legality of RA 9510. But he 
noted that most of the points presented by cooperatives against the law 
are just misconceptions as he explained that both RA 9520 and RA 9510 
were enacted during the same Congress, making it unlikely that 
contradictions between these two laws would have gone unnoticed. 

Garchitorena said that the CIC is willing to assist the cooperatives in 
complying with the requirements under RA 9510. He added that the CIC 
has not sanctioned any violator at this point in time, with CIC being more 
inclined towards assisting cooperatives than penalizing them.

SEC Chairperson Teresita Herbosa clarified that the IRR of RA 9510 was
promulgated by the Joint Oversight Committee created for the purpose, 
composed of seven Senators and seven House Members. Thus, Herbosa 
opined, amending the IRR will require an act of Congress to revive the 
oversight committee. 
Rep. Anthony Bravo (Party List, COOP NATCCO) recommended the filing of
a resolution that will revive the said oversight committee that will amend 
the IRR of RA 9510. (END).

(Excerpts from House Committee Daily Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 30 )

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